Modern German letters, cultures and thought

Signale is a book series for English-language scholarship on the literature, culture, criticism, and intellectual history of the German-speaking world, as well as translations of important German-language works.


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Paul Fleming

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Patrizia McBrideLeslie AdelsonJonathan BoyarinEnzo TraversoEsra AkcanPatchen Markell

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Alexander Kluge: Cultural History in Dialogue

In connection with the publication of Difference and Orientation: An Alexander Kluge Reader, Signale highlights the multimedia resource Alexander Kluge: Cultural History in Dialogue. A joint project of Cornell University, Universität Bremen and Princeton University, the website provides public access to key documents in video, film, audio, and text by the German writer, filmmaker, cultural theoretician, and public intellectual.

Counterpreservation: Architectural Decay in Berlin since 1989

Signale offers a freely-accessible, online supplement to Daniela Sandler’s 2016 Counterpreservation: Architectural Decay in Berlin since 1989, featuring over 125 high-resolution photographs of Berlin sites treated in Sandler’s book and streaming audio from an interview with architect Daniel Libeskind.

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From Signale books, a freely-accessible, interactive web resource for exploring Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas of images.

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From Signale books, a new channel for the transmission of critical German-language texts through to current debates in the English-language sphere.

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