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Signale books are co-published by Cornell University Press and Cornell University Library, in partnership with Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences.

About Signale

Signale: Modern German Letters, Cultures, and Thought is a book series for the best new English-language scholarship on the literature, culture, criticism, and intellectual history of the German-speaking world. Signale also publishes English translations of important German-language works in the Signale|TRANSFER program.

Series editor: Paul Fleming (Cornell University)

Signale construes “modern” in the broadest terms: from post-medieval Frühe Neuzeit to post-modern present. Home to a range of interdisciplinary and theoretical work concerned with this extended modernity, the series is also building focus clusters in areas of German Studies scholarship that have become increasingly difficult to place in the North American publishing context, but which remain fundamental to the health of the discipline. Work on the early modern period – Humanism, Baroque, Enlightenment – forms one such focus area. One goal is better integration into a broader interdisciplinary understanding of German studies of periods and scholarly genres that are vulnerable to marginalization.

Signale books are published under a joint imprint of Cornell University Press and Cornell University Library, in partnership with Cornell University’s College of Arts of Sciences. All Signale books appear in both electronic and print formats. Manuscript submissions to Signale undergo the same rigorous editorial and peer review as Cornell University Press books published in the traditional manner. Signale was founded under the editorship of Peter Uwe Hohendahl and published its first books in 2010.

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