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Signale books are co-published by Cornell University Press and Cornell University Library, in partnership with Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences.


Creatures of Attention: Aesthetics and the Subject before Kant

Johannes Wankhammer, 2024

The Waiting Water: Order, Sacrifice and Submergence in German Realism

Alexander Sorenson, 2024

Unsettling Difference: Bible, Music Drama, and the Critique of German-Jewish Identity

Adi Nester, 2024

Adorno's Gamble: Harnessing German Ideology

Mikko Immanen, 2024

Un-German: Constructing the Other in Postmigrant Societies by Fatima El-Tayeb

translated by Elisabeth Lauffer, 2024

Homo Temporalis: German-Jewish Thinkers on Time

Nitzan Lebovic, 2025

Textual Entanglements: Handke, Bernhard, Rilke, and the Materiality of Literature

Jacob Haubenreich, 2025